Aputure AL-MX LED Kopflicht, Dimmbar, Tageslicht/Kunstlicht

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The AL-MX is more powerful than any other light of its size.It packs 128 SMD LED bulbs into a credit card-sized panel.
Designed with a metal build and SMD LED bulbs, the AL-MX is the most durable, powerful,bicolor LED light that can easily fit into your pocket.It is brighter and more versatile than AL-M9.
With both CRI & TLCI ratings over 95, and a wide 120° beam angle that outputs 3200 lux at 0.3m, the possibilities for this light are endless.
The AL-MX features a 5-step adjustable color temperature ranging from 2800-6500K. While most bicolor lighting fixtures range from 3200-5600K, this expanded range provides you with even more options for creative applications.
The AL-MX is compact and durable. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring an extremely efficient heat management system ,theAL-MX is built to last for years in conditions of all kinds. With a 1/4 screw and universal cold shoe mount, you can easily install the AL-MX on cameras, light stands and so on

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