SLR Magic Anamorphic Adapter

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SLR Magic Anamorphic Adapter mit 1.33x Faktor. (+ 2x Diopter)

The SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x 50 is a anamorphic lens adapter designed for cinematography. Increases image resolution and detail by squashing / compressing the image horizontally by a factor of 1.33x to allow maximum utilisation of the cameras' sensor. Anamorphic lenses therefore require subsequent stretching, in post-production or at projection. Intended for use with shooting at 16:9, bringing the intended output to a standard 2.39:1 wide format with a higher resolution than simply letter-boxing the image in camera. The lens features an adjustable dioptre for "sweet spot" adjustment controls on focus.

This SLR Magic anamorphic adapter also offers unique effects such as horizontal flare and streaks from light sources and ellipsoidal bokeh, for cinematographers wanting a characteristic filmic look. Depth of field is also affected, as in practice when using an anamorphic lens a longer focal length is required in order to achieve the same angle of view. Therefore anamorphic lenses produce a shallower, more cinematic depth of field than a the same lens without the adapter.

The adapter has a 77mm front filter thread and a native 62mm rear thread with a 58mm, 52mm, 49mm adapter rings provided. As such it is only suitable for lenses which have a front element size of 50mm or less.

Limitations of close focusing is helped with the use of dioptres which further enhances image. resolution and sharpness on close / medium distance applications.

Technical data

Focus type Manual
Format 1.33x
Thread diamater 77mm
Dimensions N/A
Weight 380g

In the box

1 x Front Plastic Cap
1 x Rear Plastic Cap
1 x 49 to 62mm Step-Up Ring
1 x 52 to 62mm Step-Up Ring
1 x 58 to 62mm Step-Up Ring

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