EMOTIMO TB3 Timelaps Remote Head

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eMotimo TB3 – 3-axis motion control camera robot

Capture moving time-lapse, video, stop-motion more easily and more affordably than ever. The eMotimo TB3 is the highest value motion control device on the market. It offers repeatable three-axis motion control for less than many competitors’ single-axis products. The eMotimo TB3 is portable, strong, and lightweight making it the perfect addition to your DSLR or video camera kit. While most people buy the TB3 for its proven time lapse capabilities, each shot sequence take is frame by frame repeatable, to allow you to create stunning visual effects with video and stop motion. The eMotimo TB3 is easy to use, intuitive, and extends your creative possibilities. Our guided user interface separates you from the complexities typically associated with motion control. This allows you to take your head out of the technology and put it back into your art. With seven easy to follow on-screen prompts, you can set up shots that just aren’t possible with other controllers. On a mountaintop, or in your studio, the eMotimo TB3 helps you to capture your moments in motion.
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Filmproduktion aus München mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Outdoor / Lifestyle Produktionen. Wir vermieten unsere Technik günstig, wenn wir sie nicht brauchen.

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